At this year's Veterinary Pain Short Course, held August 22-25, 2018 in San Diego, several IVAPM past-presidents and current leaders, participated in a discussion specific to the shortage of opioids in veterinary medicine and alternatives to useage. While additional information is still forthcoming, below are IVAPM-endorsed resources and links, where you can find up-to-date information from boarded veterinarians, the AVMA and the FDA. 

As more information becomes available, we'll post it here for your review and consideration. If you have specific questions and/or discussion topics, we encourage you to post them to the IVAPM Forum for open discussion among all members. However, if you prefer, you may always email IVAPM directly. 


    NEW!!! Opioid-Sparing Task Force releases White Paper for review - click below to read and learn more! 

    Remember, there are two opioids developed specific for veterinary use: 

    While these opioids are not as potent as some of the opioids that are on shortage, they are still opioids! Use these opioids for mild to moderate pain and as part of a multimodal protocol. This is especially true of butorphanol because it has a very short duration of analgesia (a little less than an hour in a canine and roughly 90 minutes in a feline). The IVAPM has discussed the availability of these opioids and a Zoetis representative assured us that the supply of these drugs is not likely to be interrupted.

    Here are links to some articles of interest recently posted under Resources --- > Articles.


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